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  1. In the US the TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION has teamed up with Pinecrest Academy, a rigorous and first class private catholic school, to offer full scholarship that will cover the entire cost of the child’s education PreK- as a 3-year-old school student, through graduation from the 12th grade.
  2. THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION will support the family with the needed resources in order to build healthy relationships between the child and his / her family. The needed resources for the family to create strong study habits, and principles of faith, through a personalized sponsorship program which ensures school excellence with a high standard of education without compromising any of their Christian values.
  3. THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION will cover the full cost of all uniforms through their entire school journey.
  4. THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION will cover all expenses for the child to participate in any sports programs and, or extracurricular activities.
  5. THE TRES HERMANOS FOUNDATION will provide the necessary tools essential for the child to succeed, such as personalized tutorials, and quarterly evaluations.

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